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Student Whiteboards Encourage Mistakes

My class make more math mistakes than the other classes. And we celebrate those mistakes, understand those mistakes, and how to fix them.  

AND THE KIDS ARE HAVING A BALL. Check out this video!

Every student uses a student whiteboard in a class setting when I am presenting an interactive math skill. The “real world” problem flashes on the class screen. Students use their whiteboards to figure out the solution. We discuss how the problem is solved in the real world and then ask the students to hold up their answers on their whiteboard.

I encourage “deep practice” and having each student “stretch” their minds into new concepts.

“Purchase a set of student whiteboards for your class. These boards are fantastic for many purposes. I like to use them when I am first introducing a concept to allow students the opportunity to write the steps or process as I am doing it, then practice on their own in a non-threatening environment. Even the most intimidated math-a-phobe seems less concerned about making mistakes when they are easily erased with a paper towel. I also use these boards when reviewing concepts before a quiz or test. Having students complete individual problems, then hold up their boards with answers circled simultaneously, quickly shows me where the misconceptions and allows me to quickly restructure our next step in the review.”

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Be the Math Magic Teacher and Amaze Your Students

“I will tell you what number you wrote down that is between one and 30.    Pick a card……”

We all played type of game as kids but have forgotten how to do it.

Easy to step up, Easy to do; They will be astonished and you will the Math Magic Hero in your school.

They will want to do this themselves. But a good magician never tells …………….

Read all about here and add these Math Magic Cards to your tool chest.

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Are You a Newbie to the Digital Classroom?

The transition from the old classroom with the second-hand computers gathering dust in the back to the Digital Classroom can be intimidating. Click here to read about Alycia and her students’ journey to their 1:1 Digital Classroom and on a shoe string budget.


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