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How To Deal With Negative Feedback on TPT – 4 Options

Option 1: Can you turn the bad feedback into a positive experience? Check out this quick video.

Option 2: TPT will remove negative feedback under some conditions. Go to TPT help.

Option 3. TPTschool shows you how to “mark as helpfu” to move the negative feedback down the list. Go to TPTschool.

Option 4. Several great ideas from SoS on TPT on dealing with feedback. Go to SoS on Tpt: Ratings and Feedback.

Conclusion: If something is wrong with the product, fix it, and note it in the reply. Use the “Mark as helpful” idea. Try to turn the negative into something positive. Delete the sales page, improve the product and list it anew.  And the big idea: Don’t worry about it. Life is too short.

Mastering Math with Math Playlets

Math Playlets include scripts, 3-4 students as actors, the class providing solutions and you, the teacher, as director.

You taught the concept. Now, have your class come to life as they demonstrate how they apply the problem solving solutions to your concept.

Benefits of Math Playlets

Math playlets are designed to support learning by helping:

 ● make sense of math!

 ● deepen their reasoning about math.       

● collaborate to solve math problems in everyday situations!

● communicate about math!

 ● build confidence in taking apart word problems and working through them till each part is solved!

Go to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.