Disability Awareness Resources


UPDATE:  Our 5th grade Envision group performed these playlets during our school-wide morning television announcements. The results were heartwarming. Students had conversations during lunch, talking about the playlets. Kids gained a better understanding of students with disabilities. We saw new friendships form, with genuine talk about what it’s like to live with a disability. Some students spoke out with a commitment to take a stand against bullying. All in all, Disabilities Awareness playlets were a success!  TRY IT!

FREE to download. disability awareness tn

These Disabilities Awareness Playlets will have your entire class involved.

There are over 50 million students in 99,000 public schools according to http://ies.ed.gov/.  About 3 million students have a disability. A good number are subjected to teasing, ridicule and bullying.

These five scripts are based on true stories.

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