Moola Real Life 2014 Classroom Stories


Two years ago, as ESE School Specialist, I helped get MOOLA going with ESE 4th grade classes. We needed to motivate them. WOW! They loved it.


Spring, 2014: Two of our 5th grade teachers needed an incentive to get the kids ready for Florida Standardized testing—they chose MOOLA and it is “working great”.

Teachers can see a difference in student attitudes toward work and commitment when they introduce MOOLA. Recently, a teacher who started using the program in January was talking about it with a teacher who started it at the beginning of the year. He said he was going to start offering MOOLA with grades, 50 MOOLA for an A, and so on. He (and the students) liked the results. The students studied and tried harder.

A new fifth grader moved to our school. His mother said he was smart but didn’t really like school, and she couldn’t get him to “care” about his work. The teachers introduced him to the MOOLA incentive, and he perked up. One teacher said, “He is just churning out the work. He loves the MOOLA register and is taking pride in his accomplishments.”


Don’t hesitate about asking for donations. distant donation sm

In April, 2014, from 1500 miles away, friends of friends of a local teacher heard of her MOOLA program and sent a box of donations for table sales and auctions.

A team of two teachers have classroom economies in their rooms. One auctions a few items now and then. The other has a table sale now and then. The kids love both opportunities. I asked if the kids are honest. The teachers said the kids are genuine and honest—dishonesty is not an issue.